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Friends of Nikhilananda

P.O Box 1704

Makawao Maui, Hawai'i 96768-1704

Maximum $100.00 for matching funds;

Maximum legal donation $2,000.00.

Any amount truly appreciated!





Diversify Economy

Modernize Infrastructure

Secure Agricultural Lands

Restructure State Tax System

Preserve our Natural Resources

Defend Native Hawai'ian Rights

Local Control of Public Education

Support Energy & Food Independence

Campaign Finance Reform - Public Financing

Protect our Environment - Air, Land, Reefs, Water


1). Native Hawai'ian Rights

2). Maui's Rural and Agricultural Lands


1). Maui's Quality of Life

2). Maui Community's Health and Safety

3). Maui's Environment and Fragile Eco-system


1). Improved Public Education

2). Diversified Economy

3). Stream Restoration

4). Fair and Equitable Allocation of Water

5). Renewable Energy Development

6). Affordable Housing for Purchase and Rent

7). Preferential/Ranked-choice/Instant runoff Voting


1). Veterans Benefits and Rights

2). Traffic mitigation Strategies

3). Locally Grown and Organic Farming

4). Comprehensive Public Transportation

5). Long Term Care and Programs for Seniors

6). Sustainable Growth with Effective, Long-Term Planning

7). Campaign Finance Reform; Public Financing of elections

We do not need to reinvent the wheel. What are other States, resort communities and small towns doing to meet the needs of their residents. Take the best policies, projects and procedures from other locations and adopt them to our local requirements.


That is the first component which must be considered whenever some project, development or item is being proposed in Hawai'i.

Nor can we subject our 'aina to a continual onslaught of who knows what chemicals and restricted use pesticides, which poison the land and eventually find their way into our water aquifers and runs off into the ocean. Injection wells, which should have been retired years ago, have finally been shown to damage our reefs. The loss and lack of support for our agricultural community needs to end.

We must not be continually held hostage by the same old mantra and shibboleth “but we need the jobs”. We must explore other avenues to diversify our economy and create an harmonious balance between the needs of the 'aina, the wants of the residents and the desires of the visitors.

All around Hawai'i, the poor and unsustainable policies of the past are destroying our precious land and 'aina. We can not just claim that we live in the most “beautiful place in the world” and that Maui is “no ka oi” and that will fix everything.

Join us on our sojourn and quest to make District #13 a better place today and an even better place tomorrow, where Maui County and the State of Hawai'i truly are NO KA OI.

We need to make certain that ALL building accesses and all public areas are ADA compliant. This is currently not the case with too many areas.


We must immediately provide and build housing which working and young families can afford. Support the development of workforce and housing for purchase and rent. Research successful programs in other communities, e.g. acquiring foreclosed housing through eminent domain and other innovations, i.e. modular and creative building and designs. Perhaps revisit zoning ordinances to allow zero lot line houses, multi-family units, mixed-use communities and support legislation which would allow alternative community construction where appropriate. We can not keep allowing development and developers to construct only housing which is out of reach for most residents.


Support local, sustainable and organic agriculture and farming, including the purchasing of locally-grown organic produce, for all State functions, including the DOE.

Encourage and support xeriscaping, especially in the regions of the counties with less rainfall.


Increase penalties for animal cruelty. Expand funding and support for animal welfare programs. Additional support for non-profit organizations dealing with the feral and animal control requirements of the State. In any culling of feral animals ban the use of any cruel and inhumane techniques. Ban and enforce the prohibition of all forms of the fighting of animals.


Make certain that all beaches have legally accessible access and where properties have been built denying the public easy access to a beach that one must be created. Ban any more construction State-wide on public beaches and on the makai side of the closest road to the beach.


Support and keep expanding the bus system. As soon as reasonably possible, retrofit all of our buses to clean and renewable energy. Many communities on the mainland run on electric and natural gas. Research and investigate what environmentally friendly systems are available.


Adopt ordinances and charter changes so that they have the status similar to the Neighborhood Boards on O'ahu.


Stop expanding resort development on our beaches and keep the space open for tourists and residents alike.

Terminate all development makai of the roads/highways, where beachfront and vistas will be lost.


Support a Maui County Charter Amendment which will provide eleven separate and individual voting Districts for the Maui County Council.


We need to take a holistic and progressive approach to individuals with substance abuse dependencies. Incarceration does not work. Programs dealing with training, education and the root cause of the addiction need to be expanded and funding increased. Research successful approaches in other jurisdictions. This will be less expensive and better for everyone in our community.


Support legislation which will allow development in legally zoned areas, of intentional communities and ecovillages, which are more sustainable and beneficial for the environment.


It is time to divide the Department of Education into local County control. Too many items, projects and creative programs get lost in the bloated DOE. It is criminal and malfeasance of the Board that some schools are overcrowded, need lots of critical infrastructure improvements and lack air conditioning in many facilities.

Bring the standards of the State DOE up to the qualify of the private educational institutions throughout the State.


Establish a method of preferential/instant run-off/ranked-choice voting for all elections State-wide.

Institute campaign finance reform and establish public funding of elections.

Audit the Office of Elections and demand that the campaign funding requirements are fairly instituted. Currently smaller districts in size and populations can spend more money than the 13th Legislative District.


Support the non-partisan commission to draw State-wide electoral districts. It is patently unfair that this 13th House District has three of the most remote communities in the State, on three different islands, all included in one District. Plus the sizes of the Districts range from 7,000 to over 17,000 residents; this appears constitutionally unacceptable.


Continue encouraging and expanding renewable energy throughout the State.


Stop all open air testing of GMO's. Support the citizens' and County initiatives which require moratoriums and buffer zones until such time as the practice is considered safe for residents and visitors alike. Eventually ban the use outright.


Direct the Board of Land and Natural Resources to appropriate additional funding for repair, upkeep and maintenance of the State's small boat harbors.


Increase support and protections for honoring the local culture.

When and where possible, post all public and governmental signs in both English and Hawai'ian. The language must be preserved, protected and supported.


Support the reintroduction of industrial hemp for commercial cultivation. Utilizing agricultural lands and the providing of employment opportunities will be greatly increased.


More creative programs and less lip-service to assist the chronically houseless residents of our community. Must combine social services and non-profit organizations with government funded programs. This is a diverse group of human beings who reside in our State. Research what has worked throughout the country. We must stop tearing down, clearing land where there are encampments and criminalize them. Housing first is a critical component of moving toward a zero homeless community. Immediately acquire available buildings to convert to livable accommodations for those currently without a home.


Support increased funding for Maui Memorial Medical Center and all medical facilities throughout the State.


Additional funding and support for the increased efforts to block the introduction plus the elimination as much as possible the items which have already found their way into our environment. Dramatically increase State funding and personnel.


Seek additional Federal funding and continue State funding for cleaning up the destruction done to Kaho'olawe over forty years of military abuse.


Balance the reality that 98% of the island is privately owned with the needs, wants and desires of the residents.

Establish a fully staffed District Office.


Increase funding and support all of the programs and projects of the MHS necessary for taking care of animals in our County, with additional support for other non-profit organizations dealing with the feral and animal control requirements of our community.


Expand legal medicinal marijuana dispensaries, allowing patients to obtain their necessary medicine in a safe and convenient location.

Decriminalize usage by adults of marijuana in the privacy of their home.


Support raising the minimum sooner than 2026.


Continue allowing Molokai more and additional power to chose its own destiny regarding use of it resources and future development.

Establish a fully staffed District Office.


Restrooms – Additional funding to the DLNR for maintenance of all restroom facilities and do NOT lock them at night.

Expansion and maintenance of State-wide trails.


Bring all prisoners home from the mainland. Expand educational, counseling, job creation and substance abuse programs so when they reenter society, they are better equipped to remain outside the system. Block all legislation to privatize our prisons.


Allow usage of State Public School fields, courts and facilities to the local communities by unlocking gates and letting residents take advantage of the already created recreational facilities.


Support the non-partisan Reapportionment committee to divide the 51 State Legislative Districts to be of equal size and include the same number of residents.

It is patently unfair to place three of the most remote communities in the State in the same Legislative district. Support realigning District 13 so Hana/East Maui, Molokai and Lanai are not in the same House district.


Support curb-side residential recycling throughout the State. Check various programs throughout the country and establish one as soon as reasonably feasible. In addition, encourage the establishment of convenient material reclamation facilities. Too much usable items end up being dumped at the State landfills.


Demand that comfort stations and toilets be established for residents, visitors and homeless/unsheltered/individuals living in a vehicle in all communities, especially in areas with large homeless populations. They must not be closed at night, forcing people to relieve themselves in public spaces.


Continued support for programs and facilities allowing living in place and a high quality of life for the growing senior population of the State.


Ban the use of disposable polystyrene foam food containers statewide, requiring businesses to use biodegradable items.


Support the Maui County Community Organic Farmland Initiative.


Require the State Legislature, both the House and the Senate, to be subject to the same sunshine laws, rules and regulations, as are required of the Counties.


Support establishing term limits for all State House of Representatives and members of the State Senate.


Encourage the Counties to expand:


Bicycle Paths - Construct additional and separate paths for alternative means of transportation.


Pedestrian Paths - Where and when possible, provide sidewalks and paths for people to walk from community to community, home to work, residents to retail locations.


Horse Trails - Provide more equestrian trails, especially in the rural and agricultural communities of the Counties.


Need to support and expand medical and all support services in coordination with Federal programs.

NB: My father was a triple amputee from WWII. I intimately know the need for supporting veterans after they return from combat and/or service in our military.



Support adopting a preferential/ranked-choice/instant runoff voting system for all elections held within the State.



E Ola i ka Wai - Water is Life

It is long overdue that the government takes control of our water and get it out of the hands of private multi-national corporations. Our State Constitution requires and demands that water is a public trust; it is time.


Secure more water resources and construct reservoirs and storage tanks to adequately supply the entire State. There is no excuse anymore to have water rationing for farmers and various residents, when there is more than sufficient water for all residents and visitors alike.


Demand and mandate the reintroduction of water to more streams and creeks throughout East and West Maui and the entire State.


Allow and support water catchment systems throughout the State. Current technology will address any health and safety issues which may arise.


Support more recycling and use of gray water where not for consumption.


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